MARTA LOOZ: philanthropist, Kabbalah interpreter, author, tarologist, theory of color specialist, life guide.



Marta Looz: amazing woman, philanthropist, world citizen, Kabbalah interpreter, author, tarologist, theory of color specialist, travel and life guide.

This is the first of many interviews of the PEOPLE whose stories are worth sharing. Marta Looz.

In 2009, I had the chance to meet a wonderful “INTERPRETER” woman from a city in northwestern Spain, named Lugo, a beautiful city in the community of Galicia that sits in a hill and it’s surrounded by rivers, and noted as “the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls”. Our introduction happened while I was living in Merida, in the state of Yucatan, Mexico and she was ‘visiting’ Playa del Carmen in the beautiful Riviera Maya, sate of Quintana Roo. Marta Looz, is her name, and she has dedicated a large part of her life to the research and interpretation of ancient symbols, arts, antique books, astrology and collaborates in psychology, anthropology and archeological studies.

I still find hard to understand how is it that, what was shared then in our one –one hour- only meeting, has so smoothly but clearly manifested for me in life these years passed, as if pure magic today.

I thought of her as certain situations developed in my life here and there, including changes in companies that I worked for, groups of friends old and new, a couple changes of residency in Mexico, and one very remarkable change of residency to the US. I often wondered where she had ended up, what was she doing and how in the world could it be possible that I might not see her again. One day in November 2012, I was really curious and thinking about her and her work often. A few days later since I got the ‘itch’ and before I had started any of my typical “007” cyber research, for my surprise -or not so much by now- I happened to ‘run into’ a CD, which was recorded in our February 2009 session in Mexico. The CD had no sticker or label on it whatsoever, no fancy cover, it just said “2009“ with a black ink sharpie marker and that was IT. It was to clear of a ‘sign’ and knew right away that all of these synchronicities could only mean that I should try and get in touch. It was November 16 when I e-mailed her and next day -for my surprise- I had a response from her, she was in Taipei, Taiwan.

We reconnected, updated each other and discussed a number of things. In no time, we were planning a meet up. Being totally honest, I have always been deeply intrigued by the ‘gifts’ and talents of many of the people that have crossed my path, but I remembered her graciously. She had once a glamorous life and international exposure in the design and fashion business many many years ago, she had studied not only fashion, but specialized in psychology of color, among other things, something that has too always resonated with me: the design, the clothing business, the expression trough color. I wanted to know who she was beyond our short and apparently simple encounters, so we talked and luckily, she confirm that she could travel all the way from Taipei –where she was at that time- to New York & Washington, DC. to catch up and consult for a select group of friends, that I thought could use her help.

A great time was had, but time passed by so fast, and Marta had to get back to Spain, not before I could get some of her insight and stories from her to share with the world. I really think the world is a much better place with her on it.

Q&A with Marta Looz

Q. I wonder if the name you had was given, or made up celebrity-style?  What’s does Marta Looz means?

A. A Cabbalist interpreter, creating cabbalas with letters (laughs)… “Lo” is a part of my name in Chinese, and “Oz”, is in memory is the Wizard of Oz, my favorite characters as a girl.

Q. Where are you from? How is your family? Do you have brothers, sister, a partner?

A. I was born in Lugo, in the area of Galicia, in Spain. I have a pretty big family (for Spanish standards) my parents are very kind people, and it’s them and 4 of us: 3 girls and a boy, one of them is my twin sister. I also have a lot of cousins ​​and try and get together to eat at least every three months. I’m also married to a very wise, quiet, kind and discreet man, with whom I’m great friends in eternity.

Q. Where do you live now, and where have you lived before?

A: I don’t ready have a residence anywhere, I live around the world, there where I’m let to be, and I love it!. The world treats me very well and it’s exciting. I travel out of curiosity, studies and work, and I settle hen there where I vibrate with the place. Where I’ve spent more time lately, for about five years, was in Kathmandu in Nepal and also in Mexico, I came and go from one to another and am currently in Taiwan, very happy by the way.

Q. Out of these places, which has been your favorite and why?

A: I love Mexico and it’s in my gut, I find wonderful friends, everyone treats me well and is always very happy, they are pure joy. Kathmandu city is my teacher city; I have great friends there and great teachers as well. I think I also adore India, but I’ve never lived there, just paid numerous visits.

Q. What is it that you’ve done before in your life and what is the relation with what you do now, if there was such?
A. I was a fashion designer for 14 years and a company in Galicia, during what time we had great time, since the beginning and over the years, until the situation became challenging and we had to consider to start competing in a more aggressive way and our work would have to become non-artisanal, the creation process was then compromised and decided not to get into it, and it was either do that or die… At that time I was also studying different philosophies, as I’ve always been curios. I chose then to leave everything behind and turn the page to move on into a new chapter of life.


Q. Could you explain in your experience, what it is the so renowned “Cabbala”.

A. It is a mathematical science, logic and very antique, not really much more famous than some other traditions. Also, if I’m honest on the other hand I’m not very interested in its religious side of it, but indeed in its scientific side which has amazed me, and for that I study it every day with devotion, it is endless, curious and very entertaining.

Q. How is it that you first got involved in its study? Another question would be, how much would you say is in our life defined by the cosmos, and in which proportion do you think we make up our own pathway?

A. I suddenly found myself in front of the book of Cabbala in a ship that was heading to England, at that time right before sailing i had bought a book that because of its title called for my attention but had no idea I would find, the point was I had nothing else to read and I couldn’t understand a thing then, not to mention a big part was in another language, at this point however it aroused such intrigue that I began to research more and more, and there I found a brilliant teacher, a genius!. I think there’s actually a part that might call fate, which is what in Asia is called karmic winds, which are very hard to ignore, as they bring about  lot of strength, sometimes better than others, as this depends on the ‘seed’ which was planted beforehand . What is inescapable is that it is always our responsibility, because what we sow is exactly what we reap, and in that sense, if had I planted before barley seeds, I will for sure gather barley, and cannot pretend I’m supposed to collect wheat.

Q. What is in your opinion the “divine providence”?

A.  Luck does not exist nor believe in it, I believe that all work and effort which has been done precedes the response, weather in this lifetime or another beforehand, it is that we don’t  know, as time is a relative dimension, so that I can be receiving something from a previous time that I don’t even recall,  hence the bad or good luck does not exist, there are only consequences of an action, so it’s always our responsibility and never someone else’s.

Jumping right into something which seems all new or unclear is a crazy decision, to just leave it all. I remember when I needed the English language in my life in order to understand my teachers, that I had to go to England -four months- and as it was not possible to accelerate the course of my learning process, I had to work in a restaurant at a time to accelerate my learning, for I had to be immerse among the real life, I didn’t know if it was totally crazy, but something inside pushed me ahead, so I put all my energy into it, even went on a strict regime, where I ate only rice and simple meals for maximum savings and so I could have the money so I could really study, since it was expensive and not easy, but nothing impossible. Important is, to decide what you want and go in one and only direction, I did that, and four months later I was in Nepal.

Q. In your opinion, do you think though that even when we make decision that might be wrong; we end up where we should be or not really? Do we have a limited number of opportunities or how does “it works”? As it is said that “every moment is perfect”, is it correct to say that, is it only for your evolution?

A. In my view there are no wrong choices, the universe is a perfect machine as the inside of a watch. If at some point I think something was wrong, because something “went wrong” it just might meant that I had to have that experience in my learning or karmic path . The ways of the universe are many and incomprehensible, but the self, is always where it should be at that moment. What seems to have been a mistake is usually only the first step to what comes next, and this second step could be beautiful. There’s always calm, after the storm.

Q. What is the “tree of life”? And what does it mean to interpret it?

A. The Tree of Life is a sort of “map” created trough a mathematical process with the main data of an individual, company, animal or object … and even many more fields. This map allows getting a glimpse of the subject’s path history, which were the past actions that brought certain manifestations here and now, how are these it in the present as they are happening and why. This is a tool, that helps us understand and correct behaviors that have lead us to face to obstacles or fears in life, so when aware and conscious modified behaviors could also change future events and dissolve these obstacles in our life, but believe me, even so, the Cabbalist interpreter is also within that program of the person being mapped. We call the program of life, that is, if your life has a Cabbalist to appear and share things with you for you to face certain issuer or for greater good is only because it is within your program to have this person or some other guide from another tradition appears, everything goes into the karmic connection you have.

Perhaps we have access to several ‘futures”, let’s say is like those books  where you choose an ending to a story, and according to whichever ‘ending’ you choose to check out afterwards one page or another. The truth is that this is not a divination tool in any case, is more a psychological tool, of self growth, behavior and understanding, which as you change your mind, and helps you change your future.

The past simply does not exist, because it is not here anymore, only the memory of it. Sometimes we get stuck with bad past experiences, for that matter it is best to make a ‘reset’ and start a new count. The future does not exist because first you have to create it as an idea in your mind, reason why we do have to be aware and care for the behavior of our mind and thoughts, it is the creative key. First comes the idea then you make it happen, mental training is he paramount for a peaceful and beautiful future. Meditation and attention to our mind, is the master key.

Q. It has to do with ‘divination’? What are the similarities or differences between some of the methods that are out there to facilitate healing and peace in these times? I mean traditions as the ones of tarot consultation, participation in family constellations groups, consultations with psychologists, etc…

A. This is sometimes very similar, certainly not guessing, but neither is tarot because it is about “translating” only what your mind believes, but if your mind changes the tarot showings change as well.

Realistically the Cabbala is really a tool for self understanding and finding our inner and inherent quest for wisdom, in listening to our hearts without being dragged by external impressions or traumatic memories of past experiences … and is very useful also to learn when we have more skills or fields of wisdoms. It actually communicates very well that which we have come to provide to our planet and that which we have also come in the life to receive.

We cannot expect to have changes in our lives without first changing our thinking about an experience. Buddha said, “By your present actions, I know how your past has been, and they can also predict what your future will be.”

What the tree of life does is that it helps develop pure intuition and logical analysis.

Q  What do you think is happens  as of now many of us feel so confused, is this “normal” that we are in search of “peace” or something similar through these self-help type of methods? Think it is something ‘trendy’ or when do you think it actually gain the strength and importance it has now?

A. There was always who had this need for this quest, but now the times pace faster, the earth is the middle of a transformation and everything speeds up with it, so that it upsets our biorhythms and we feel anxiety or other emotions … The truth is that before in the former times, there could be no talk about these topics, and these issues are now some that can really be of assistance to even the most skeptical.

Formerly there were no women in the Cabbala, it was unthinkable and punished. Even if Abraham Lincoln had known there would be black descendant president in his country, he wouldn’t give credit, it would have sounded plain unbelievable. Times change and that’s beautiful, is called natural evolution.

But everything happens by itself, the world needs a cleansing and its claiming it, is happening now and we are shocked and feeling this movement somewhat, hence the need to find answers. Whether we like it or not the planet is going to be transformed, and if we cooperate it would be much easier, if we refuse to change and embrace it, then we would have to die and travel to a lower plain than current, for here it would be no longer possible for these life forms to resist the change needed.

Q. I understand you’ve authored and co authorship of some books?

A. Yes, I have authored several, along with my teacher Jaime Villarrubia, for many years.

Q. Who are your guides?

A. The master Cabbalist, I call it “genius”, as IT is, you cannot imagine… Also a Hindu teacher, one of bioenergetics and color, and a number of other precious Tibetan masters.

Q. Do you have any spiritual guidance that is not physically in this world? How did you found each other? How is it/him/her?

A. There’s always some of that, but I like to call it intuition. It’s beautiful, it’s simple, is just to open the heart and fee the intuition, but it only occurs when we are calm, believe me, it is also my lesson, I’ also in the road of life working it as everyone else, every day.

Q.  What would suggest let’s say to anyone interested in learning about and receiving the help of their guides? Is that possible? When is it that they would “appear”?
A. It happens when you “sense”, at least this is how it is for those “spirituals” “intuitive”  or when you have a “hunch” call it the skeptical, for they would reconcile this knowledge trough whatever their body is telling them, the point that “you know”… even when you don’t know why!. When?!! You ask? (laughs), well, the saying goes that the master appears when the disciple is ready for it…, So nobody really knows when!

In Cabbala we  can find out exact dates of changes and transformations, but much depends on the personal motivation that is given, sometimes for example, when we resist something an illness might appear, understanding  what is happening is both liberation and spontaneous healing.

Q. I understand that you studied in Tibet for some time? How was the experience? I understand that not just anybody can show up and do that?

A. Well it certainly wasn’t very easy, but then there was a huge “chance” of sorts to go, I understand that it could have rather been more of ‘causality’. I was there for a summer with a kind and wise Lama that took a group in and so he showed us around, we visited many temples and libraries of unimaginable access to Westerners, something for which I will always be grateful to life; we were receiving his teaching that was it. Where I did more studying than anything else was in Nepal. This trip was during another beautiful summer and as a culmination of understandings of a number of things, and even maybe the other side of the coin. What I did learn most importantly, was to respect all of “natures”, since they are all part of the same and for that perfect. Unforgettable.


Q. Now, I hear that you have key contacts and also guide tours for individuals or groups who want to experience this magnificent part of the world right? Tell us more, since when you do this? Whereabouts do you take them?

A. Yes, I do this sometimes and I prefer to do the spiritual paths: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Jordan, Israel, but who actually does this is one of my partners; Nuria Romeu for the trips to India and Jamal in Jordan. For the most part, I would act more as a bridge. I would go if I’m needed, but certainly my agenda limits me somewhat and I can’t go every time or to all the places I Iove. Although I love these lands so much.

Q. Could you share with us some of your experience on the science of color, and the way which in practical knowledge of chromo therapy for example it can be useful in daily life, work, etc..?

A. This knowledge is really beautiful and extensive, it is impossible to describe it briefly, but what is undoubtedly certain is that color; is a wavelength, therefore as energy that when it’s applied, it brings about a result, and is demonstrable, that’s what I like most of it. Soon I will be creating a website on this topic.

Q. Which has been in your life one of your greatest joys and why?

A. It was definitely to see my teacher’s face when you first encounter, after hard journeys and thousands of sacrifices, personal sacrifices and even some mountain climbing … there are no words, just a look… and you know it! The joy is the greatest, one I couldn’t have ever imagined, then you know you have found the so sought and longed for philosopher’s stone… then when that who is (the teacher),  appears d, and when it appears in your life, you see his face, and his look: plenitude, humility and serenity, it is written. Then you know! …

Q. What has been one of your biggest loss? And what do you think was the lesson, if any?

A.  I thought I was leaving what I loved the most: “designing”, but no, it wasn’t! because there was something deeper. The loss of my tramp black cat, that came to me over a wall and leaned on my shoulder, even when it was a cub and decided to stay and live in with me at the house by the sea in Spain, the beloved, the most beloved of all … I guess the lesson was to learn both the detachment and feel the loss of the greatest friend in life had, the wise, the silent. Charlie, this beautiful cat was pure intelligence and would go with me for a walk along the seashore, would even get its paws so he could keep close enough to me at these times. Inseparable we were pure devotion for one another. There was a before and an after, through his departure I myself decided to leave forever as well, but this is another story.

Q. You think that what you do now is your true calling? In that case, how did you found out about it?

A. Not really, I consider it a sort of “bridge” in my life and a wonderful tool, I love it, but I must continue on my path, this is not how it ends. When something loves you, and you love it back, is how you know each other, and “you know”, THIS IS my relation with what I do, but it is not my total vocation, there is something else.

Q. What do you think of those –for example – that are not happy with their work or current tasks?  What would you recommend them to do?             

A. This is something that I’ve been asked A LOT lately, everyone asks me, and I feel sorry for them somehow since, sometimes these people have fought many years and sacrificed much of their life to get into one or another position, that once they are there, realize they longer want. I think they’re just confused and should give thanks to the Universe for having achieved that what they deeply wanted, and also for being able to have resolved ‘survival’ (economic stability), for others still seek that. It’s not work what cause that dissatisfaction, the eternal dissatisfaction occurs as a result of not knowing what is happening around them, and they should look and try to find responses, but they should not just quit their jobs, as it is irresponsible in these days and times… and someone really wants to do it, then they got to be armed with patience, and study something else for example, at the same time they are working is the only way. The Prince charming that suddenly shows up to resolve it all, does not exist, I have never seen him. I recommend to trace a master plan, then to follow it, and not to leave it, but got after it with sincere determination. Another option is to accept your life as it is, acceptance is ok, and not to live in the most common of all evil today and that is to live in ‘eternal complain’. Meditation is the key and fastest way to know the truth, because the truth is within us, not on the outside, so is, peace of spirit.

Q. What would you say would be the 5 commandments (rules / suggestions) for which you would have to live?
A.  The four noble truths: Wisdom, Strength, Prudence and Justice. If you ask five, the fifth would equanimity.


Q. Concerning the campaign “Live To Love” camp for free cataract surgeries?
It is one of the “Live To Love” beautiful activities that take place in Kathmandu, Nepal. Because of poor diet, there is much cataract blindness condition among the population. So that if these people do not have the money necessary, they cannot fix it and the eventually lose their sight. “Live To Love” -created by The Gyalwan Drukpa- is a foundation created to provide this service to those in need once a year, without a cost for them, so we collaborate and procure funds to support the amazing work they do.  We also cater to caring for the environment with tree planting campaigns and also helping with education for children. “Live To Love” is an organization with many locations in the world. When I met the Drukpa Gyalwan in 2008, and I saw his humility, wisdom and good doing, I decided to support him and we did work in Santiago de Compostela, a beautiful, ancient and spiritual city in Spain, where I have great friends who support me, they are actually the source and the ones that actually deserve the merit.

Q. Since when have you been involved with this foundation / activity?
A. For two years now, but it had been 4 years already since I had been doing some work in Kathmandu, I even taught design and computers in a school prior to that. It happened that I realized it was the moment to do it fully right, and organized it formally since it was working great.

Q. How can other people join this effort?
A. Anytime with financial support for any activity we have, the donors are always be informed of the activities taking place, and they may even visit the projects if they wish. This is the best, because the volunteering efforts are covered, and this is sponsored by each volunteer. You can participate in some of the campaigns if you really want to go, but each one, would fund their own travel and stay. The most important thing is finding financial aid or a monthly fee to donate. When a project is launched, sponsors are informed about it and of how much the investment will be. They’re always updated on the latest news and activities.

There are some other similar programs overseen by LIVE TO LOVE: relating the environment, education and support for the orphanage.  For more information, visit:

Q. What has been the greatest reward of working on these projects? What are the implications?
A. To feel the gratitude of a person who hasn’t had sight for 20 years, and can “suddenly” see.  There are so many more … the beauty and deepness in the eyes of the common people … they are our teachers.

Q. What about romantic love or relationships? What do you think about how seemingly difficult t is to find true love these days?

A. It’s all a matter of energies, when both do not vibrate at the same frequency there is no way. We are experiencing many changes and too quickly to digest properly, then some are going up, when other are going down, others get blocked… the fact is that if a couple does not vibrate in the same frequency, they simply cannot understand each other. It’s best to let yourself flow and try to be happy even by yourself. Solitude is beautiful, wise and also sets you free. Once we’re not attached to this need anymore, then love arises spontaneously, because equal frequencies are attracted to each other, but there must be inner calm, serenity and detachment beforehand.


Q. What do you think about the “crisis of men and women of courage” to potentially partner with? Everywhere we hear about men and women cheating on each other, who lie and deceive, how can anyone keep the faith, despite all that you see and hear?

A. (Laughs) It is our nature, human beings do not know how to choose properly, or not live without the eternal dissatisfaction… the desire. If something leaves from your life, it’s merely because it never belonged to you, and you better letting it go. When something belong to you, there is nothing or no one that can keep it from you, neither time nor space, because that energy and yourself are one and the same. They are energy friends’ and accomplices in eternity.

If it works, why worry? Or if it doesn’t work? Then, why worry? Learning to let go is the master key to happiness, that which offers freedom, receives freedom, if we want freedom ourselves we must first give it away.  Loyalty is something so deep that no one asks about it, when someone has it in oneself and in the other (although it’s rare, there is one) you both know it!… that’s all. Neither is named, neither doubt comes to mind. If in doubt, there is attachment and engagement, and that; is not love.

Q. Is there a technique or suggestion you could suggest to confront and get rid of fears?
A. Equanimity and relentlessly loving everything and everyone, all the time, never judging, and just loving the different natures of the world and respect them. “Respect the tiger” if you must. If there’s something I don’t like or might hurt me, I can get away, separate from it, but there’s no need to enter the energy of ‘hatred’, if instead I feel  peace within and love, and from within I see it, then fear doesn’t not exists. Fear is the absence of inner love and judgments about what I have to face, that after all that’s on my life, is but a reflection of my own nature but on another level. Respect, love brings the default. A beautiful outlook can change the world.

Q. Have you got a favorite meditation or relaxation that you would like to share?

A. Vipasana is something that changes your mind forever, and moving vipassana.  I learned it in Spain with a beautiful, wise, sagacious old Lama in the foothills of the Pyrenees, in a magical place of beautiful nature called Dag Shang Kagyu, even when having traveled the world, never before found an equal lesson or so deep. For me it was a before and an after. Nine years I was with this Lama for 3 times a year, the beautiful Panillo Yogi, the first Spanish Lama.
Meditate daily in any situation, to achieve it, it does require training, but vipassana retreats are let’s say an accelerated training, very interesting. To get the mind to be ‘still’ is the first step, then a 9 day stay with doing anything, without cell phone, I pad, no visa, no nothing … only food and clothing, and the teacher guiding your mind, in a natural environment, and nothing at all to do… when you do not feel boredom or anxiety… then the universal love has started to come into you. Nonetheless you have to practice, for life drags us again, and being also in it, I reserve a space each day to be with myself. Maybe one day I get to be at peace (laughs).

Q. There’s something I’d like to add?
A. I feel enormous gratitude for all those teachers I’ve found my way, there is a very deep bond (and they know who they are). All of that, which in the past has made me suffer, has only been a trampoline to get me into the right direction and I am therefore very grateful to life for it. It has not been easy, there were enormous sacrifices made and giving up things to which I lived much attached to, but I couldn’t just say no. The wisdom of my teachers is quite unusual and in no way I was willing to miss out. Something to add you said? Just to say thank you! And also thanks to all my friends, nothing would have been the same without them (they also know who they are). Thank you.

M. Looz

To Marta,

I just want to add: THANK YOU for the guidance and ray of light shed over my friends and I trough your loving words and warm smiles.

To everyone, I can just think of this paragraph to end up with this interview of the PEOPLE series of my blog. I hope you enjoyed.

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”


Mahatma Ghandi, 1913

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